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    So now we know which tracks Lianne has chosen. Any comments? Maybe not so much related to taste, but general thoughts about such a kind of competition?

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    I’m sorry , but where is the info for this ? I can’t find any info anywhere ?

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    If you havent seen it Lukether i think you should maybe watch it

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    I have a comment.

    If I had known she was gonna be the only judge, I’d have crafted a different style of production.

    I’m extremely proud with how mine compares to those that were selected.

    Que sera sera.

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    Well, for me it’s a bit different. I’m also proud how mine compares to the finalists, but I wouldn’t have changed anything knowing only she chooses.
    Because what I did is what I think fits best for this song. I did not try to make a complete remix, but I just did a production – in a sense that she comes to me with her stems and wants a finished song. And of course this doesn’t lead me to any kind of dance or 80’s style version. It leads me to a version where here voice, her lyrics and her guitar is perfectly supported by my production.
    Yes, I am a bit disappointed how things turned out. But to be honest: If such a competition is de facto word wide and there are hundreds of contributions, it’s not a real competition anymore. It’s more like a lottery – especially if the jury is one person and we don’t know what she is looking for.
    Well, I am curious how the original production of this song will sound. Maybe mine was too close to it, I don’t know. At least it was fun.

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    All in all it was a real pleasure to produce this song. They clearly pointed out in the initial announcement video that Lianne will choose the winners alone and that she’s open to all kinds of productions. I don’t work with a DAW in my studio but instead with an anlog setup including an 8 track tape machine. So I produced the song exactly the way I typically produce my own songs. And I am very proud of my result, I really like how it all turned out. Now, after listening to all the winners I can clearly say that my version is different from all those productions. Maybe a bit too unpolished to be considered. :-)

    Congratulations to all the winners and much success to Lianne with the release.

    If you want to check out my analog version:

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