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  • RaxzinatorRaxzinator
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    This is my mix attempt of Malamor’s “Dead to the World.”

    I’m a long time fan of old school death metal, so this song was a lot of fun to mix even if I’m still a beginner so extreme metal is sort of challenging. It’s a good genre for applying my approach of actually trying to lean into things that sound kind of nasty (like the two very different kick drums) and use them as character. I even created an intentional 90s style ducking glitch towards the end. (Edge of Sanity had loads of these on their first record.)

    Todd PurnickTodd Purnick
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    I really like the depth. Fuck yes!!!

    Scott ElliottChernobylStudios
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    A picture of a chainsaw for a death metal song? Sign me up! For being a beginner, this is a great effort, man. I wish my stuff sounded like this when I was a beginner.

    rex weiblerex weible
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    Love the low end and just the right amount of guitar and vox and love that the guitar in the solo sections with only 1 guitar isn’t panned all the way left

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    + Intro, nice guitar effect at 1:10, nice work with the voxes, nice toms
    – Too much oh for death metal


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    solid old school vibe.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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