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    I tried to keep it simple, keeping the original mix in mind. Here’s some of my process:

    Guitars – I added some reverb and doubled the tracks. Panned left and right slightly on one set and on the other I pushed them all the way to the sides, cut the volume in half and routed them to a room reverb bus. The reverb bus has a cut EQ and Space Designer reverb.

    Vocals – On the vocals I added tape delay for a washy hum in the background. For the second vocal I was inspired by Demon Hunter’s Beheaded with Mike Williams so I brought that up more than the original.

    Bass- I used Amplitube on the Bass DI to bring out some of the grit and boosted the low end on the bass amp track for the rumble.

    Drums – No samples were done over the drums. Initially I started doing resample but it felt too sterile as the original drums had this wonderful messiness to them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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