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    Hi all,

    This was a great challenge, mostly in tidying up the tracks.

    Had to upload to Youtube as Soundcloud was being a robot copyright pain in the arse.

    Looking forward to reading your comments, although i’m sure we are all very tired of hearing this song.
    Got to feel for the judges sifting through thousands of entries.

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    sounds great, but something with the brass seems off to me? like it’s fluttering or something. gate closing too early but verb carrying on maybe? idk. good leveling and nice bass/guitar toneage and the intro was excellent. might be my monitors, or sound card (been wonky lately) but i feel like the kick and toms could come up a bit. other the couple personal preference items, and the brass, top shelf!

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    Good old school!

    Nick GNick G
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    thanks for taking the time to listen. I’ll go back to the mix and check for that fluttering effect. I’ll check the compression levels to see if i was hitting it too hard. I used the split bass technique where you roll off the bass end and emphasise the upper frequencies whilst with the other track you do the reverse and emphasise bottom end only. Having listened to other entries there were plenty of guys who got a much better tone from the bass, i’d love to know how they got that grind

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    Cool intro, also I like automated delay/reverb on the vocals, nice attention to detail there. Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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