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    I am very happy not only to participate in this contest, but also ( maybe for the first time ) to create, or arrange this beautiful song , that will sound the way i hear it, and that will sound exactly just the way i feel it. And i hope,- You will like it . As i heard the original song for the first time,- it reminded to me one of my favorite Avril Lavigne earlier songs. Thats why i decided to create my version of this song as a rock-ballad song. I have to say, that i like many genres and different music, and i am also composing/writing my own songs. I have grown on the music of my favorite bands/singers,- like: Scorpions,Bryan Adams,Bon Jovi, Queen, and many others.. I like the other genres too,- if the music is great. And now is the time to open all of my cards : the whole ” Glow ” mix : arrangement, mixing, and mastering was made completely in the box : drums, clean, solo, and e-guitars, as well as synths, cello in chorus, -whole mixing steps and final mastering too. Between all of my favorite plugins, i especially love the IK Multimedia Joe Chiccarelli, that i used on Vocals. About other plugins and my mix creation process i will tell in my next break down video, that comes a bit later.
    Happy to participate in this contest, but even more happier to be musical co-creator of this song.Thank you! :)

    Patrick ClassPatrick Class
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    Love the vocal effects!!! Great video and surprising beginning. Started out as a bit of a Metallica thins. Great!
    (my link: thanks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWdOjRSmlo0)

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