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    Great job by everyone who submitted a mix or remix–there were A LOT! This is my first time taking part in one of these and it’s crazy to think how one even goes about judging the plethora of submissions people made, especially the balance between a pure re-mix of the song and a completely new take on the song, which there were some really creative entries. I guess we’ll have to see what the judges preferred this time around, but I don’t envy them having to go through them all haha. Good luck everyone!

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    Yeah, there’s a crazy number of submissions. Still, I think it’s fairly doable. One option is to quickly filter all the mixes by listening to the first 30 seconds. So if there are 1500 submissions, it would take 12.5 hours, so maybe around 16 hours of actual work (inputting all the data into an Excel sheet, plus some downtime here and there). 1.5 hours of listening per day if spread it over 10 days. Nasty, but doable. Assuming we filter out 90% of submissions, we’d be left with 150. Listening to half the track of each (roughly 90 seconds, let’s say) would take around 4 hours. At the end you’ll be left with a sensible number, like 30-40 tracks that you can evaluate fully.

    At least that’s how I’d do it. Fully listening to every submission is insane, it’ll take you (1500 * 3.5) / 60 = 87.5 hours, and that’s just listening to every single one once.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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