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  • fritzstationfritzstation
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    Well – long time listener, first time caller – apparently unable to make a WordPress post.

    Anyway, my inspiration for this is Paramore’s – Future, as well as the southern rock vibe in general.

    While the mix is a tad bit loud and not super saucy in mono, I feel like I was able to create a really compelling vibe for the artist within the time that I had.

    Really looking forward to checking everyone else’s work out and realizing how bad I am at this.


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    Hi @fritzstation

    the energy in the chorus is massive. On fire.

    All the best

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    Cool contrast between the verses and the heavy beat in the chorus!

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    Thank you both!

    Jens Bsdokrentaroot
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    Good work, a different approach! Fresh ideas, massive impact in the chorus, fat low-end. I like it, although it’s not my style!

    Good luck to you. 🎼

    Is that your Roland Jazz-Chorus on your Soundcloud-page? Let me know, if you want to sell it one day… 😀

    Patrick ClassPatrick Class
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    That is an incredibly nice sounding reverb at the beginning. The rest is not to my taste but I must admit….the contrast is really really great. You have done a fine job on that one!
    (my link: thanks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWdOjRSmlo0)

    No CompassNo Compass
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    I get what you’re after and I dig it. Find yourself a nearby sparring partner that also creates music even if they’re in a different genre, work together to sharpen each other daily. Keep it up!

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    Thanks everyone!

    -> I’m sure the proprietor of Thompson Gear Rentals will cycle his stuff some day… probably not soon though lol

    @nocompass -> Thanks!

    Really trying to go for that NASCAR pre-race flyover vibe.

    People hanging out mudding with raised trucks that have 12s in the bed for no reason.

    you know -> country stuff

    Mister JohnnyMister Johnny
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    there´s much distortion dude, sounds like a regular clipping, a little bit less was get great

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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