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  • Ceddy_192Ceddy_192
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    Hello guys,

    it’s my first time actually mixing real drums (usually I just do demo stuff for my bands in Logic with some Superior Drummer, Eurobass & my Ax8 and that’s it :-D)

    I did not use any additional samples. Just worked with the tracks as they were given, no edits whatsoever.

    I mixed on Adam Audio T7V speakers (without sub unfortunately) in Logic Pro X.

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    i like your mix, man!

    MIke VanWykMyk-el
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    I’m digging this mix!

    ♪ Ron Music ★♪ Ron Music ★
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    Hi Ceddy, your mix sounds muffled and rumbly. If you can make your whole mix clearer, you will definitely have a better mix.

    FEel free to soundcloud message me if you need precise help.

    Good luck dude 🤟

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    Great job with mixing real drums for the first time!

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    Hey thanks for your feedback! Yes I checked the mix on a bigger soundsystem yesterday. There is too much bass build up when the double-bass parts are going. I should have used a dynamic EQ in the 100hz region to tame it a little more. That‘s a Problem if you dont have a sub. Also I noticed I am still too shy to boost some more high frequencies to avoid the muffled sound. But yes, contests like these help a lot!

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    Good job!

    Denis Martintonidmt soundlab
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    good mix!

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