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  • Brett WindnagleBrett Windnagle
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    Had a fun time trying my hand at this. I normally don’t enter these competitions, but seeing one for 90’s death metal I had to give it a go. Some genera information about the mix:

    • Tried not to modernize it too much, I love 90s death metal for all its flaws
    • Kick replaced with ‘Modern Doom Drums Modern Kick’ from Ugritone
    • Snare blended with ‘Modern Doom Drums Cadeson Studio Snare’ to cover the ring and ping
    • Overheads absolutely mangled in dynamic EQ, kind of acquiesced with what I could get out of them
    • Drum comp mostly on buss to avoid making bleed worse on individual channels, ride was accented by bussing room and overheads to a single channel and, once again, accenting the hits with extreme dynamic EQ
    • Drums manually gated, especially the overheads, room mics mostly used as overheads as the kick/snare content was harsh to my ears
    • Vocals were a breeze, basically a few cuts and they sat perfectly
    • Midrange in guitars was more or less nonexistent, didn’t accent too much of it or try bringing out what wasn’t there, just a few wide and minor scoops around it
    • Minor timing fixes across drums, vocals, guitars – sounds like this was all recorded live and wanted to keep that feeling there
    • Intro line from Hellraiser (2022); Jamie Clayton as The Priest (Pinhead)

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    Killer mix. Love the vocal introduction.
    Preserving that vibe with putting each part in your face.

    Donald Egandegan4183
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    Nice job. Love the thickness of the Ugritone doom kicks.

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    One of the big challenges for me was that fill at 2:27. You reimagined the whole part. Wish I would have thought of that! Cheers!

    Brett WindnagleBrett Windnagle
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    Thanks for the kinds words everyone! Had a blast mixing this one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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