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Thank you!! Of course, I mixed in Pro Tools, and used EZ Drummer for the drum programming (not my strong suit, but still wanted to add a little rhythm flare). For the reverb I had a subtle plate on the vocal track as an insert, and then a hall reverb on the acoustic guitar and occasionally on the lead vocal. I used mostly UAD plugins, including an 1176 on the Vocal track which was working pretty hard to give it a lot of saturation and keep the vocals up front. For the slide guitar I just used my Jackson running through Line 6 Helix, and then the bass was a Harley Benton running through the Sans Amp plugin and an 1176. Also used Melodyne for the vocal tuning. This was actually my first time mixing a project for someone else, so it was a fun departure for me, and looking forward to doing some more in the future!