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Sam Bybeesambybee
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What’s up Jason, just getting around to your mix. Don’t let Arno scare you his mix is a complete tsunami of or heavy guitar sound lol. Really good tho. I liked what you have here. I don’t love giving notes like this cause 1 the song is done (for you) so it s mute point anyway but its alway good to learn so i’m gonna be as honest as I can while respecting you’re vision cause I really loved where you were headed here. Felt like a country Colplay (Yellow) 90’s rock mash up.

Vox- I can really tell that you spent time there making her shine and it shows, but at times like mostly in the pre and the choruses she tends to over power everything else that’s going on which is a shame cause there was good work there.

Drums- I’m not a 100 percent on how you processed them so it’s hard to say where but the low end to me feels lacking and therefore the whole sound feels a little thin. So again in the choruses should have more of a dynamic swing to let us as the listener know where the apex is. Instead the drums actually feel quieter and you start to loose the energy.

Guitars- I actually like what you have here, I just think it’s a little quiet.

This mix is amazing and you should be super proud. All the notes you’ll get are gonna be from the perspective of the person writing them, so take all of this with a grain of salt. I’m not sure if you have Insight from Izotope but there’s a tool there that will let you see just how intelligible things are in the mixes that I basically use on every mix. Cheers mate