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Some info on the production: I kept Lianne’s vocals and some of her guitars in the verses. I’ve added my voice in the last chorus, I’ve used a AKG D19c into a Warm Audio WA73eq. I’ve added some acoustic guitars (a cheap Recording King and an even cheaper spanish guitar), D19 and Warm Audio as well. I’ve also used the Warm Audio for bass (a vintage Jolana), the electric guitars (Gretsch 6120) and the pedal steel (Carter Student), all DI (WA73 direct input), and used the stock guitar amp plugin inside Cubase 12 for the electrics. All pianos, organs and strings are vsti, Cubase stock instruments, Kontakt and Arturia. Drums are my vintage Arai set, Sennheiser E 602 on kick, SM57 on snare, SM7 on hat, RE20 on floor tom, 441 on rack tom, Coles 4038 on overheads, a fet47 as drum front and another SM57 as the wurst mike. Close mikes went through CAPI pres, overheads through Stam 73 pre’s, wurst and drum front through Chandler TG2’s.
I’ve processed/mixed everything in the box (Cubase 12), using various plugins (stock Cubase, Waves, Slate, UAD, Softube, Oeksound, Melda, Aberrantdsp).
I’ve kept the original song structure, but changed three chords in the last chorus, to add a tad bit more exitement to the end. Plus I’ve copied a small vocal part to the intro, to possibly get some more attention.
Hope that makes sense – English isn’t my main language ;)