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Here is my work flow:
I used Studio One DAW. I first edited all of the tracks to remove any unwanted noises. I used Melodyne to tune the vocals. I went through the song and evened out the vocal parts before using a compressor. There were two tracks of acoustic gtr but they are completely different and sounded weird in stereo, so I recorded another acoustic part that matches one of the parts and ran them in stereo while putting the more busy track in mono. I then came up with a drum track using Steven Slate drums. I added bass gtr and then recorded stereo tracks of heavy gtr with a PRS running through a Helix pedal. I also recorded an ambient stereo electric gtr track for the verses. As far as effects on each channel, I primarily use Steven Slate plugins (VMR). I also use Waves CLA mixhub.I use Purified Audio VU compressor on the vocals. My mixbuss has Slate red compressor and tape machine and oek soothe 2. I mastered the track using Slate red compressor, Izotope 9, and Slate FGX-2. I used subtractive eq on the master only. After hours of tweaking, I think that it turned out ok. Thanks for listening.