1st Place
Audient EVO SRB ($219)
Austrian Audio OC818 ($1249) & Hi-X60 ($309)
EVE Audio SC205 ($700)
Bogren Digital All Digital Products including an unannounced plugin ($600)
Leapwing Everything Bundle ($1000)
Oeksound Soothe ($219)& Spiff ($169)
Soundtheory Gullfoss ($185)
Submission Audio (TBD)

2nd Place
Audient EVO 8 ($200)
Austrian Audio OC18 ($849) & Hi-X55 ($262)
EVE Audio SC204 ($560)
Bogren Digital Krimh Drums, AmpKnob RevC ($50), BassKnob STD ($50)
Leapwing All Plugins ($1000)
Oeksound Soothe ($219)
Soundtheory Gullfoss ($185)
SubMission Audio (TBD)

3rd Place
Audient EVO 4 ($129)
Austrian Audio OC16 ($359) & Hi-X15 ($119)
EVE Audio SC203 ($455)
Bogren Digital AmpKnob Rev C ($50), Bass Knob STD ($50)
Leapwing All Plugins ($1000)
Oeksound Spiff ($169)
SubMission Audio (TBD)

Runners Up
Produce Like A Pro Lifetime Membership ($1000)
Kohle Audio Kult Lifetime Membership ($1000)
Pro Mix Academy Everything Bundle ($5000)
Lancaster Audio Everything Bundle ($1340)

Download Multitracks Here!

• Download the Multitracks of ‘Dead To The World’ by Malamor.
• Mix OR Remix the song. Don’t be afraid to come up with something completely different!
• Complete your submission before Friday 13th January 2023 at 11:59 PM PST
• Bounce your track to a 320kb/s mp3 file. Make sure the file name includes your first- and last name (e.g. ‘Peter Pan – Dead To The World Mix/Remix.mp3’)
• Please only submit your mix or remix ONCE (multi-submissions will automatically be excluded from the contest)
• Upload your track to Youtube, Soundcloud or another streaming platform of your choice and use the Tag ‘Malamor – Dead To The World 2022 Contest’ in the description.
• Submit your mp3, along with a link to your streaming track to support@ratemymix.com.
• Please post your Soundcloud Or YouTube Link on the Competition Page and leave a comment on someone else’s mix!Your Content Goes Here