• Umit posted an update in the group Group logo of CLO - Sliding Doors Remix ContestCLO – Sliding Doors Remix Contest 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Congrats all winner but i will not join the contest anymore! it’s not worth the effort i spent .

    So apparently my musical talent is far below point of view the Grand Jury:) Ty all listeners!

    • Hey Umit, I just read your comment and it made me go and find your entry. It’s awesome mate, very original. I wouldn’t let the result of the competition get to you. I probably haven’t even listened to half the mixes in this thread and a lot are top notch. Much like your own. I think at the end of the day a comp like this is always going to have an element of subjectiveness to it, but that’s the beauty of music. I’ve never done a remix before in my life but I’ve seen a piece of everyone come out in their results. Whether you do or don’t enter again it doesn’t really matter. But your song was awesome and you completed it in the time frame. That’s an accomplishment and something to be proud of. Well done

    • Hey Umit, I checked out your mix too. It’s a really great!
      I think they important thing with this is to enjoy the process, and don’t focus on the result. If that comes, then it is a splendid bonus.

      Hopefully you change your mind and enter the next one.

    • Giving up so quickly? Hey, none of the other 1000+ entries put any effort in, did they? Cheer up, chum! Let’s learn what we can and make the best we can make! That’s what we should be proud of! Pull your head out of the sand and keep on cracking away, buddy—that’s what being human is all about! Be a good sport and hopefully we’ll see you at the next round! ;o)

      • I don’t think it’s abt giving up, I really enjoyed the remixing, learned stuff, but looking at the winners, whatever the judging process was, this competition is not for me! I really like Warren & CLO has an amazing voice. But not for me again!

    • Effort? How much effort is justified? And for whom? I guess it depends on who is making the effort, how much experience they can bring to the table, it depends on the strength of the ideas, it depends on the means everyone has at their disposal.

      I’ve been a sound engineer for 25 years, I’ve had my own recording studio for 15 years. I spit blood and sweat on every production and every recording. I have worked with great people, I have worked with very ugly people, I have worked with people for whom the only artistic value is money, I have worked with people who still thank me. I have worked with people who have never listened to the result of my efforts, I have worked with people who have only been happy with the efforts.

      My recording studio is small, I don’t have great technical means at my disposal. Some decent microphones, some good amps, some decent drums, some decent monitors, analog preamps from my 80’s D&R console, I mix in the box. My strengths are mic placements, giving musicians precise directions, few but great ideas, trying to make a great song, not a great sound. I don’t have a natural room, I fake it. It took me YEARS to make a fake one that sounds like a real one. How do I quantify the effort?

      I’ll tell you how. You look at the expression on Matt Lange and CLO’s faces after listening to my track (by the way, I came in fourth, not first, still a great finish). That’s the prize. Me, a total stranger, staring at the monitor with my eyes glazed over, while Matt fucking Lange laughs and calls me ‘MY MAN’ and CLO smiles so much that I blush and have to look away. I won. I don’t give a shit about the final standings. I fucking won.

      Did I get rich and famous? No. Have I made it into the sound engineering elite? No. Does my phone not stop ringing? No. At best, I can brag about it to a few colleagues and musicians over a beer.

      I’m lucky enough to be able to play a little keyboard, a little bass and a little drums. I can lay down a couple of guide tracks in 10 minutes. I have the great fortune and immense honor of having known, over 25 years, some amazing musicians. Some of them owe me a favor, some of them settle for a couple of beers, some of them help me out of friendship, some of them play for me because the basic idea is great.

      It’s taken YEARS. How do you quantify the effort? How do you put a value on the effort? Easy, you don’t. Nobody can do that.

      You make things. You try, all the time. Ask for some help. Be nice to others. ALWAYS learn something even from the most tragic situation. You bet your ass I’ll be here at the next contest, and I want you to crush me with your song and your ideas.

      Why? Because we’re all here for the same reason: to learn and grow. No one grows inside their bedroom. Ideas need to be heard, this is a platform that allows you to do that. Prizes? They definitely help a bit, especially those who are new to the business. If I added up the value of all the equipment in my studio, I probably wouldn’t go as far as buying Warren Huart’s SSL Talkback. Do you think I could have won first prize if I had a pair of Neumanns to record the drum room? Hell no, let me tell you. If a song is shit, it’s definitely not because of the mics.

      Peace out, see you at the next contest!

      • I absolutely agree with Federico! I participated in the fourth mix contest, two of them were remixes of Clo’s songs, I was never listed as a winner, but I never lost! Every mix is a step towards perfection, I have gained skills that have become my experience and they will not disappear without a trace. Yes, you and I, and many of the participants did not win prizes, they could have made the path a little easier, but not the prizes are the main goal, because it is stupid to consider the prizes as the “top”, because the main goals are mixing skills, without them the prizes will simply be useless attributes, because without mastering the principles of creating a high-quality mix, you will not be able to create one.

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