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    When is the winner annoucement date? Anyone knows?

    • when ????😊😢😊😢😊😢

    • Seeing as they have ignored this whole event since just after the deadline. I’m starting to think they may have abandoned ship on this one. I don’t intend to start rumors because everything leads me to believe Warren and the team are great people, but I think it would be appropriate for them to address it considering the effort everyone put in and the amount of advertising the sponsoring products received as a result. I hope it’s just taking a while.

      • I hope too

      • Why would they abandon ship? Would be easier for them to just take 3 random winners and move on. I think what you’re seeing is why a lot of competitions don’t have a “we’ll listen to all entries and pick the best one” rule, but instead go with a “most social network likes wins” rule. There’s simply too many entries. We should be happy that they’re taking their time and doing this properly. But I would be surprised if any future competition wouldn’t include a social media, or voting factor.

        Only reason I entered was because I didn’t need to have a huge twitter following to win.

        • I agree that would be simple. I do know my entry was approximately in the first half of entries and Soundcloud shows it was reviewed by them on the 17th of April. So we have an idea of where they were at then. I know reviewing all of these entries is a VERY tall order. My intuition is mainly being spurred by the fact that there has been no mention of anything pertaining to this since just after the contest ended. Like I said, I’m not trying to accuse them of abandoning ship or trying to start a rumor. I just think it would be appropriate for them to provide some kind of an update. Not that we are entitled to one. Something along the lines of “Shut up, we are still working on it” would be sufficient. I myself am eager to see who placed. I listened to at least 85-90% of all the entries myself. There is a lot of really good ones.

          • How were you able to tell they reviewed your submission? Did they use their official PLAP account or something? I don’t have soundcloud pro so I can’t see detailed stats for my submission but I did see a play from The Workday Release account (I assume David) a while ago, but I don’t think he’s part of the review team is he? As for the lack of updates we have to remember they’re working pros that most likely have other projects to tend to so it’s not unexpected. I wouldn’t be surprised if they themselves don’t have an ETA. Let’s give them a bit more time and hopefully we’ll have the results soon!

          • Fair enough. I suppose we’re all quite eager to get the results in. Although it’s been quite nice to get some time away from the competition. It consumed almost too much of my time in the final two weeks. And also, we’ve waited about two months now, might as well wait two more :).

    • i’m more scared that they will tailor the winners to not spend a fortune in prize shipments, it’s not an hard thing to do: when in doubt between 2 winners who are close but one is clearly better, it’s a matter of “taste” to choose one over the other, i would not even blame them, i never saw an american contest with heavy prizes with no “US only entries” exactly for this reason only, maybe they didn’t think about it before cause they are actually nice people with a passion (and passion sometimes rushes)

      • The Winners announced on Michael’s Channel in a few days! Loads of songs to go through, Michael just sent me his short list that he confirmed with David and it’s wonderful!


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