• Congrats to the Winners!!!Is it official? i’ve not see any official announcement..I just heard the 3 remix..It’s all really great for Remix!!
    And i have to mention that, in the future for my opinion, there must be 2 different competitions: One for Remix only and one for Mix only .!
    Cause i feel that, for all of us who did only Mix, there is no luck..This is not a complain-don’t misunderstand me..I just expressed my thought..Congratulations again to the Winners!!

    • yes, it would be nice to know why the team chose only remix tracks (they are good remixes by the way)

      for me it was a goo experience. I have adjusted my mix and mastering, so here is my final versions after the contest

      • Thanks for the reply!!I heard your final remix!Very interesting!!For my taste, i would have the voice more up front..But i like your ideas..Here is my mix ..take a listen.Thanks..

    • I agree that there should’ve been two separate categories for the contest, otherwise those of us who did mixdowns were at a huge disadvantage. It was still fun to mix a well produced track for sure, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed when all the winning entries were remixes. Especially just now after seeing one of David’s replies on the announcement video saying that they did lean toward remixes in the end eventhough one mix did come close. I’m hoping they would reveal which it is so at least we could listen and compare.

      • Thanks Phillip for the reply..I understand your disappoint..But i don’t feel any..I like very much Warren’s work and it was very fun for me too..I just want to mention that it is more fair to compare Mix against Mix and no against Remix..Thats all for me..Can you please sent me the link with the official announcement? Thanks..

    • 4Low replied 1 month ago

      feel you Leo…by the way real gj…bravo patrida

    • Hi Leonidas! Thanks for your wonderful message! We did send a couple of emails. Also Michael put up a video, which is posted a couple of times above and here is the SoundCloud Link to the Winners:-


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