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    Hey everyone. That is the first remix contest i participate in and this is the best result I can deliver right now. I Hope you enjoy^^

    I used all the vocals and the swell sounds of the Cymbals. Every other impression is recorded and created by myself.
    I asked a good friend of mine to draw an art cover for me, if you like it, feel free to download it.
    Download the image: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0mzy6socrf0…ati_Art.zip/file

    I work in intervals of 25 min per interval. It took me 28h (67 Intervals over 7 days) to finish this track (brainstorming ideas, recording, mixing, mastering and uploading). I wanted to include a guitar solo that serves the vibe of the song. I restricted myself to guitar chords in harmony. I also did not want to use the same structure of the song as the original so I came up with some variations in the arrangement. The hardest part for me was to mix the vocals properly. If you have some tips to improve my work pls let me know, I am always looking for some advice^^

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