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    Hello everyone, I am very glad to see many participants in this contest featuring my song “Kolo Nga Yan” I wish you a good luck.
    I invite all the participants to subscribe to my NAJISOUL youtube channel, following my instagram and facebook page, So i’ll listen to all the remixes and also share some of them through stories.
    Take Care

    • Thank you for the amazing song and vibe! greetings from Chile

    • Thank you for the song and for spreading beautiful messages through your music!

    • Thanks a lot for letting us mix and remix your song! I had a blast mixing this one and I liked it a lot sice I don’t normally mix this kind of music. Thanks again and good luck to everyone who joined this amazing competition!

    • Looking forward to it! Would you be able to post a link to your socials possibly? Thanks so much!

    • Hey Naji…thanks so much for creating this tune and sharing it with us and the world. It really grew on me during mixing and I think it’s got a great feel and message. Totally dig the ribab and BTW, the musician playing it capped some truly tasty riffs that fit the song beautifully. Well done to everyone involved and to Ady as well! Of course, kudos always go to Warren for making these contests a reality. Thank you sir!

    • Thanks for this cool song! It was a pleasure to hear it again and again and I can assure you it’s rarely the case 😅

    • Thank you Naji!

    • Thanks a lot Naji! really enjoyed your song and mixing it, hope to hear more songs from you soon! Kind Regards

    • Thanks for the track! It was a lot of fun to work on!

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