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    Hello everyone!
    My contribution to the remix contest:

    The mix probably is rather underwelming but i’m curious to know what you think about the arrangement.

    • Hiya: I like the arrangement very much, it’s inventive and smacks of musicality, but I think, judging by your own comment, the mix is unfinished. I can just tell given more time this would be awesome. You’ve made some really interesting comments on mine and other mixes so you know where it’s at. If you go back to it I’d love to hear the finished article. Good job.

      • Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, i am somewhat clueless on what i did wrong. I listened to the upload through my studio monitors again, and it sounds way better. Or, let’s say, it sounds more like i intended it to sound.

        But through my regular boxes (and apparently your’s too) it sounds terribly low-end heavy. I have no idea how i should deal with that since my DAW (Cubase 11) can only use one device at a time, eihter interface+monitors or onboard-sound, not both. So, how is one supposed to do a mix for “all devices”?

        • There’s a plugin that I use by Sonarworks called Reference 4—now called ID Reference, I think—that applies a flattening curve to the frequencies of a large number of popular headphones so that when it’s applied to your master bus you can hear it in a neutral, ‘uncoloured’ way. It’s remarkable to realise how much colouration your headphones apply, so if you’re EQing to that as your reference, then it won’t be accurate through other devices. This is quite possibly the source of your dilemma. If you’re interested, their website is here:
          (P.S. I’m not affiliated with Sonarworks in any way other than being a one-time customer)

          • Thanks for the tipp, i looked into it and will give it a trial.

            I just found a way to access all my output devices through my DAW, so maybe i will upload a re-remix (out of competition, of course). But it astonishes me to realise how different monitor/headphones (which sound similar enough) on one hand, and my regular speakers on the other hand sound. I usually listen to music through my speakers, so i’m used to “their” particular sound.

            But it makes me wonder which i should rely more on when mixing: my expensive studio monitors and pro headphones, or my “usual” gaming speakers…

            • I don’t own pro monitors/speakers (maybe one day) however from personal experience I’d start with a decent set of headphones (my Beyerdynamics 80 ohm DT770s are certainly not perfect, but I’m happy with them) and use the Sonarworks plugin that I mentioned. Most things that I’ve mixed using that combination sound slightly different, but perfectly acceptable through the different listening media that I’ve used.

        • I agree with many others here. I had similar issues when I started but found the Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin a great help on the mix buss and calibrated to your headphones. But you must remember of you do that to bypass before rendering down. I then have CD-RW’s which I burn the wav version too as an audio CD which I then play over in the car, on my lounge hi-fi, copy to my phone and walk out with the earbuds on etc. and make notes. It has really improved my end results. Still learning though!!! It’s a hard thing to get “right” because each person giving you advice has a different set of ears and they hear different things. There is also personal taste. So, long story short, stay true to yourself and keep at it!

          • Those are the kind of problems you never imagine that they could be problems at all. But now, i’m aware, and the next competition will come, for sure.

            Thanks again for all your replies and feedback.

      • Hey, short update: I just uploaded a re-mastering of the song. It is still far from perfect, but it sounds way more like i intended it to sound:

        (of course, this version runs outside the competition!)

        • Hey, it’s sounding better, I also went direct to your SoundCloud to listen there. I’ll leave you a note there too. I still feel while the arrangement is top drawer there is something not punching its full weight. It has such great potential. Can you re-upload the full fat wav file to SoundCloud? The mp3 is only for the email submission.

    • This is FANTASTIC!🖤🔥

    • Piano (keys), acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, electric funk guitar with jazz chords and a funky disco beat—what’s not to like? I agree with Ian’s comments above, though—I’d like to hear your final mix. This sounded quite lo-res and artifacty. Was it exported in mp3 at 64 kbps or some other lower bit rate? All the best! :o)

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