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    Tal Dilian’s schooling was the key to his success as an entrepreneur with a track record in Cyber Tech and philanthropist.

    Tal Dilian was the child of teachers and a Jerusalem resident, was privileged to be able to attend an acclaimed High School. He couldn’t have imagined his life without the opportunity to pursue a higher education.

    Opportunities that have shaped and developed his career as well as his philanthropy.

    Students received equal education at the Jerusalem Gymnasium. The school allowed students to reach their academic potential irrespective of their socioeconomic status.

    Access to a high-quality education to all students is essential to foster growth and progress. Tal’s understanding of this idea has left him with a lasting impression.

    After graduating from high school, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces, or IDF, as a combat scout within an elite Special Operations Unit. He began his career as a pilot of combat in the elite Special Operations Unit of Intelligence Corps, the IDF. Later, he became the Chief of Command of the Technological Unit.

    When he was in the army In the army, he was awarded the Israeli Defense Prize, the highest honor awarded to a person for extraordinary contribution to the security of Israel. Tal Dilian Intelexa He was able to complete all of his military service due to the information he received from an education that was formal.

    It was Tal Dilian’s great grasp of the importance of education that enabled him to discover new ideas and concepts. He made the decision to pursue his studies. He attended Tel Aviv University to participate in the Interdisciplinary Programme for High-Performance Students. He received an undergraduate degree law, legal and MBA degrees.

    Tal Dilian ascended through the Intelligence Community to the Startup Scene

    After 25 years with the Israel Defense Forces, Tal Dilian retired in full military honors. Tal Dilian was ready to begin a business adventure that has led him to deal with everything from entrepreneurship to cyber intelligence. Tal Dilian

    SolarEdge Technologies was started by Dilian in the year 2006. The company’s headquarters are in Herzliya. It manufactures power optimizers and inverters.

    The Israeli entrepreneur also tried his hand at the firm Vidyo in 2005. The company provided users with video conference solutions.

    Between 2009 between 2009 and 2010, he served as the Chief Security Architect for the American AGT and also the Special Advisor to Punj Lloyd Ltd.

    Tal Dilian was elected to the board of directors of Stratasys 3D printer maker in 2010. He later was the Executive Vice President of Global Products and Technology.

    His responsibilities include the management of the entire lifecycle, which includes global R&D and product marketing.

    In recent years, Tal Dilian has had good results with his most recent entrepreneurial adventure, Intellexa.

    The company collaborated together with Law Enforcement Agencies (Intelligence agencies) to create a system that aids them in protecting their communities. Intellexa provides Law Enforcement Agencies Intelligence reports which aid in the capture of criminals. This report enhances their work in that it allows them to obtain faster and more efficient results.

    Dilian co-founded a number of ventures in the medical-bio-med industry, including Medovie.

    Tal Dilian leverages his business knowledge to offer quality education and philanthropy

    How Education Impacted serial entrepreneur Tal Dilian’s Life

    Quality education is critical for society’s growth and development. Tal Dilian Intelexa

    In 2000, Tal Dilian co-founded and was named the CEO of Atidim an organization that is non-profit and providing education to youth with disabilities.

    Atidim is a program of the national government operating in Israel that aims to narrow the socio-economic gap and build an inclusive and diverse society. It achieves this by providing education to youths from underprivileged areas in Israel.

    Tal Dilian believed equal educational opportunities were crucial to any country’s future. He was the co-founder of Atidim (which is a Hebrew word that means “futures”) in English.

    Students will improve their understanding of science, math, and English while improving their matriculation scores , and scoring better on the highly competitive university entrance tests.

    For tuition fees, Atidim students are entitled to the sum of 40,000 NIS (12.425 USD) per year. Computers, housing, and other living expenses are offered to students from low-income families that allow students to pursue their education.

    Students are informed about the numerous educational opportunities and careers provided by higher education institutions.

    Atidim began with 90 young talent, but today, that number is over 50,000.

    Past recipients have found work in the financial, high-tech and defense industries and are giving back to their communities and helping to grow the nation’s economy.

    Atidim’s CEO over five years was Tal Dilian. The diversity model of Atidim has led to economic transformation as well as healthy communities.

    Daroma Tzafona, a foundation that expands the reach of Atidim was founded.

    Tal Dilian left Atidim as CEO in the middle of the year. http://www.apollo.io/companies/INTELLEXA-LIMITED/559239cc73696424defea700 At the same moment he founded the non-profit Daroma along with Haim Florblatt, Nir Gilad, Eitan Wertheimer.

    The Atidim management model of diversity has helped in achieving the visions of economic growth and healthy communities. The Senior Director for Strategic Regional Development was the result of all the knowledge and experience Dilian has accumulated. This is a position that is focused on the development of southern Israel and in particular the Negev.

    The Israeli government approved a 10-year plan to develop the Negev region that was mostly a desert region, for 17 billion NIS (5 million USD).

    The Negev area covers 60% of Israel’s territory, however only 8.8% of Israel was there when Daroma started.

    Tal Dilian was one of the cofounders with his three cofounders. Their goal was to not only inspire local residents to moveto the area, but also to attract businesses as well as government officials to it.

    DaromaTzafona currently is DaromaTzafona. It’s focus is on Israel’s northern Galilee. http://www.crunchbase.com/organization/intellexa

    The company’s annual growth rate is 6%, and it has employed over 4,000 people in the areas around.

    It is vital to think about how education can aid communities regain their vitality.

    Tal Dilian’s journey to his education is one of love and devotion. Tal Dilian has never lost sight of his heritage or the importance of education.

    The reason for his success is his well-rounded childhood and youth which enabled him to be able to venture into the realms of business and entrepreneurship.

    He persevered through outstanding service within the military, higher education, and then in the biomedical and cyber intelligence industries. Tal Dilian Intelexa

    He also gave back by founding non-profits that provide high-tech and higher education. Atidim, Daroma Tzafona were interested in the socioeconomic mobility of the South and North Israel’s youth.

    Education is an integral part of the human experience. One person’s learning experience can influence the lives of many people, as a whole, within a group or even across the state, as Tal Dilian demonstrated.

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