• Hi Warren and Ady!

    It’s a pleasure to be able to participate in this contest and mix “Kolo Nga Yan” by Naji Soul (it was a great learning experience and it still is, because I believe we all keep evaluating and thinking about some points that maybe could’ve take our mix to another level – Warren also posted several tips at his Youtube channel). You guys (and all contest participants) are awesome!!!

    If it’s not too much, I’d like to leave a suggestion for your evaluation: Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a possibility to award 3 to 5 honorable mentions per category in future contests? I say that because many of us may have performed a mix that “almost got there” or that “had a good intention, but a few technical mistakes”.

    Maybe a good part of the participants must come from places that don’t have great studios to intern and, to work with production (even non-professional), sometimes many need a full-time job or more than one job to pay the bills. An honorable mention signed by Warren and other responsible for future contests – mailed with a postal tube – could give a great “push” in any career and help a lot to – maybe – let people leave a “conventional job” and be able to work exclusively with their dream!!! (Don’t get me wrong, every job is fantastic!!! But a dream is always a dream!!!).

    I hope I haven’t been too impertinent or that I haven’t leave the impression of “talking when I’m not supposed to”. I just left this suggestion because it’s not everyone who are at the top of their careers and also care about people that’s starting or already began to walk their own journey. These contests are big, their have amazing prizes and are TOTTALLY FOR FREE!!! You guys deserve a round of applause!!!

    All the best for you all,
    Glauber Kiss de Souza

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