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    I had never mixed heavy metal, so my main reference was the album Quadra – Pantera. Thank you for your appreciations and constructive criticism, I know it would make me grow. 🤩 🎚️🎛️

    • For someone who has not mixed metal before, you did a pretty damn good job! 🤘 Good idea using Pantera as a reference!

    • I like the way you treated the guitars. It gives a retro vibe from the 90s I really like!

    • Any mix that makes me head bang is good

    • Great sound! I see we had similar ideas on the snare drum and I really like that you didn’t put a brutal maximiser into the master buss! Keep up the work!

      • yes! I had to get snare samples to achieve this and then shape the sound with spiff from oeksound, thanks for your comment!

    • good mix! The vocals are very loud in comparison to most other mixes. I’m not used to mixing metal neither, but from what I gathered Metal doesn’t have vocals that are as dominant in the mix as in pop or other more common genres. Still a good mix!

      • you’re right! And it was on purpose, I made several versions changing the balance, this one I liked because I can understand each word listening to it on different devices.

        • interesting approach. I enjoyed the Lyrics very much too, but I didn’t understand the lyrics anywhere. Not on the original mix, not on my mix, nowhere! In your mix they are very audible, but I still don’t “understand them”, eventhough I know the Lyrics (because someone posted them on youtube). I think this is due to the performance and it’s always a difficult thing if you want to compensate for something that the performance simply did not deliver. I for one decided not to care too much about understanding each word, because I wouldn’t have been able to mix the song the way I felt it was supposed to sound! That being said I really like your approach, because what makes this song special more than anything are the lyrics – in my opinion. Quite the courageous thing to mix it that way!

          • Yes, some of the mixes that I have listened to the first vocalist is heard super clear and when the part of the vocalist who sings in Portuguese enters nothing is understood, and I think I was very risky to leave it like that, but I was satisfied haha thanks for your time, if you have instagram follow me and we keep chatting about these topics! @fabianramosmusic

            • I don’t have instagram, I’m a grandpa at heart! I agree with your thoughts on the portuguese part and since that part was delivered in a way that you understand every word (well, I don’t speak the languague, but you know what I mean) I actually mixed the portuguese parts very audible and turned the guitars down for about 6 dB. It was my pleasure, thanks for responding/elaborating.

          • Yes! automating the guitars so that this part can be understood is a good tool, the other is to use multiband side chain compression affecting the guitars every time the voice acts. I used this technique with the Waves F6. thanks for reading me, an interesting conversation!

    • I used the Album Quadra of Sepultura (no Pantera) produced by Jens Bogren like reference.

    • For someone, who never mixed metal at all – this is a damn good mix, I must say. Even though the tonal balance is not the best, this mix sounds pretty clear to me. And I can hear those Pantera vibes on this mix (cool!)

    • A bit of too much low-end in the chorus (and yes, maybe vocals are a bit loud considering the genre) but.. besides that it’s an AWESOME MIX!!!!!! I’d love to hear how you re-amped the guitars in order to learn!!

      • @ap72 Many thanks for your feedback! I used the Pedal Rawk Distortion and the cab Modern American Stack with 4×12 Amplifier, this plugins are native of logic pro x

    • @kristiankohle What do you thing about my mix? I would like to learn more from you about this genre.

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