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    Finally worked out how the previews work…
    Here’s my arrangement for this contest. My first time, but it was a great opportunity to try something new! Thx for the opportunity! :o)

    • Interesting bud, Congratiolations! Some jazz like!

    • I love the “jazzy vibes”. One thing that doesn’t fit soo well in my oppinion is that Clo sings straight eights but you use triplet eigths in everything else. Don’t get me wrong, i like polyrythm like the next guy, but in this case, it clashes sometimes.

      • You’ve a keen ear, Lupino—you weren’t counting, however, on the fact that I love polyrhythms even ‘more’ than the next guy…;oP . You’re absolutely right, though! Whilst I built the instruments around the vocals using a swing rhythm, I ran out of time to try and manipulate the stem tracks to conform to a swing groove. Perhaps I’ll have more time on another project. Thx for listening through and for your discerning feedback—it’s much appreciated, cheers! :o)

    • SOo awesome!🖤🔥

    • That’s wicked. I dig it.

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