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    Creative Impact Agency (Crowley Ltd) announced today that they have been chosen for the Best Use of Online Media (advertising, PR & Marketing) at the 24th annual Webby Awards. The project garnered attention from AdAge, Adweek and many other industry leaders for its creative approach to capturing the public’s attention. Creative Impact Agency has created a media campaign around Amazon’s popular interactive book, “The Notebook.” This campaign generated six-figure sales for Amazon.

    The agency created an extensive social media plan and set up call center services. The primary goal of the campaign was to generate publicity about the book’s latest release. A secondary objective was to build brand awareness for Amazon. As one of the world’s largest online book sellers, it made sense to include The Notebook in their portfolio of content.

    The creative strategy for this endeavor was to engage readers and create a response that would spark interest and enhance book sales. An impact agency should have a solid combination of marketing tools, creative strategy and the ability to execute. What is the creative strategy you ask? Here are some ideas: Creating an engaging storyboard to visually display the progression of the campaign. Handeling the creative side of the activity to clients

    Work with an experienced designer/consumer agent who has experience developing marketing materials. Develop a product brochure or catalog for potential customers to preview your work and provide feedback. Work with a web developer or graphic designer to design a website. Handel the task to a freelance associate. The goal is to capture visitor information and deliver information in a logical and organized manner.

    Create a press release for publication online and distribute to local print media. A press release can gain worldwide exposure for your campaign. It also allows potential employers to learn about you and what you do. Handel the creation of a website to an assistant. A few pages of text and a graphic or photo background with a few explanatory sentences will go a long way.

    Handel the development of a social media account like Facebook. Use the platform to update the marketing message. The ability for users to post comments and suggestions helps increase brand awareness. Make use of the comments, to build trust and understanding with the consumer base.

    A great feature for a creative impact agency is a blog. It is important to keep a variety of blogs on hand to promote current events, new products and services, and anything else related to your client’s industry. Handel managing the blog to a freelance associate. The advantage is the ability to manage the content of the blog without taking on the time of a full-time writer.

    Handel any communication between the creative impact agency and your clients. This includes lead generation, online marketing and web promotion. Use email marketing to send emails promoting special offers and reminders to potential clients. Social media will also work for you. Post links to your site on Twitter and Facebook to generate more interest.

    The cost of running a marketing campaign will vary. If you are a small business, you may be able to handle the costs yourself. If you have a larger business, it is possible to hire additional marketing staff or outsource it to a virtual marketing company. A great marketing plan will allow you to target the most appropriate audience and reach them at the right time. When it comes to advertising, timing is everything.

    A creative agency can help you launch a successful marketing campaign to give your business an edge over your competitors. Hiring a professional can help you get noticed, and stay that way. With their experience, they can help to market your product or service through several mediums.

    There are many aspects of marketing that you can control yourself. Your own website can be a powerful tool to reach a large number of potential customers. A blog can be updated regularly to let people know about sales and specials. You can also submit press releases to local newspapers and magazines and attend events where your business will be showcased. Advertising on television and radio is a great way to attract new customers.

    Marketing is a crucial part of any business, but reaching your potential customer base can be challenging. It is important to have an agency that can help you achieve your goals. From designing your website to advertising and marketing, a creative impact agency can take your business to the next level.

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