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    The brush tail possum is probably the family Phalangeridae being the most popular number of the possum within New Zealand. It is the species generally known as Trichosurus Vulpecula. These imported pests from Australia arrived to the united states inside the mid 1800’s as a source of food and as being a product for trapping and skinning for your pelt. Learn More Here is really a marsupial animal, called because after birth the young are carried in a pouch that comes with the mothers belly.

    The color variations are wide and range from grey to just about black. The belly fur shaded from the grey-white to black-brown color. It can live anywhere and usually do, the initial possums started inside the South Island and inside the past 150 years have spread through out New Zealand. Their preferred food are plants and instead gives off, specially the broad leaves with the metrosideros and rata vines but including many native bushes. They will consume the flowers, bark, and ferns, ending with the death of the plant or tree. They will also eat carrion, eggs, insects’ cicadas and weta’s. The weight range of the possum 2.5kgs to 6kgs. The density of possums in a single area is will be as high as 10 to your hectare of land.

    The possum is a nocturnal animal which is competent at moving 1 km approximately 2.5 km an evening. Possums seen in the daytime hours are generally in ill health. They communicate by scents or vocally, the pet features a wide array of sounds or noises. From this information, they’re able to deduce the ages or social status of other live in dens seen in trees, burrows of rabbits or kiwis. They also like hay barns, log piles and woolsheds! The individual possums may use a couple of different nests.

    They lead solitary lives except to the breeding season that coincides while using shortening days leading into autumn. Both sexes mature a single to two years. The females offer an oestrus of 26 days. The young are born after 17-18 days gestation. They climb into their mothers pouch and lock on with a teat for that next 70 days. Some will have a second breeding season August to babies start growing their coats when they’re 90 -100 days old. Their eyes open ten days later. They finally emerge from their mothers pouch from about 4 months of aging most by few months. They may continue to suckle until aged 8 months. The survival minute rates are high up to ninety percent but could vary needless to say. They are prone to mites, tapeworm, Leptospirosis and Tuberculosis both of which may affect both stock and people.

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